shadowobsessed (shadowobsessed) wrote in cancer_people,


I believe I added this community a long time ago, but never really posted...

My name is Devin, I'm a Cancer with Pisces rising, and my moon is in Aries. XD Sometimes I guess it seems like I'm two different people, with Aries basically being the opposite and all. It's hard for me to find a good balance between these sides - quiet and reserved, or loud and confident. I love reading my old astrology books from the 70's (I have a volume for each sign), and they're so in-depth that they still hold true today. I've found that they're a really handy resource.

My boyfriend of two years, Justin, is also a Cancer. I'm not sure of his other signs though. We broke up for two weeks recently due to him thinking we were 'fundamentally different people', but we just got back together the other day. It seems that for the past couple months of our relationship, we both retreated into our shells and weren't communicating with each other. I have to remember to do that.

So uh yeah, hi!
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