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Washed Up In The Waves [entries|friends|calendar]
Cancer is my zodiac sign

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[11 Jun 2012|05:16am]


I would like to take time out to appreciate our Cancerness. We're amazing, smart, financially savy, and usually quite beautiful. OH, and f those signs that talk loud and do nothing. We are people of our word. We don't need to tell people lies to make them like us. We don't really care if they like us. We're take it or leave it people. You have to like us for who we are or gtfo. Amirite?
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Just another Crabby person [12 Sep 2011|08:24am]

[ mood | awake ]

I was born under the Cancer sign, but I generally find that I don't get along well with other Cancers. It just seems to be a personality conflict. My little brother is also a Cancer and I grew up wanting to mother him. Of course that doesn't work once they are an adult. I like to keep things neat and organized and have been called obsessive compulsive by several of my friends. Here's to all the Cancers out there... drinks all around! But remember to drink responsibly and don't drink and drive!

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Just wanted to say... [16 Jul 2010|10:13pm]

Myself and my Gemini husband are going to have a baby in mid to late spring next year ^_^

So either an Aries or a Taurus....I'd rather a Taurus, but no matter in the end!

any thoughts? do any of you find any one sign easier to parent?
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[07 Jan 2010|02:27am]


I've just put up some horoscopes for the year comming. See them here: Monthly Cancer Horoscope.

Happy to have feedback.


(sorry for x-post)
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Heya! [17 Jun 2009|02:47pm]

I believe I added this community a long time ago, but never really posted...

My name is Devin, I'm a Cancer with Pisces rising, and my moon is in Aries. XD Sometimes I guess it seems like I'm two different people, with Aries basically being the opposite and all. It's hard for me to find a good balance between these sides - quiet and reserved, or loud and confident. I love reading my old astrology books from the 70's (I have a volume for each sign), and they're so in-depth that they still hold true today. I've found that they're a really handy resource.

My boyfriend of two years, Justin, is also a Cancer. I'm not sure of his other signs though. We broke up for two weeks recently due to him thinking we were 'fundamentally different people', but we just got back together the other day. It seems that for the past couple months of our relationship, we both retreated into our shells and weren't communicating with each other. I have to remember to do that.

So uh yeah, hi!
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Welcome tyler to LJ! [08 Jun 2009|09:50pm]

Hey everyone Tyler's is new to LJ please show your support! Feel free to visit his website at tylertucker.com

Born: October 9, 2000 in Greenville, South Carolina
Treatment locations: MUSC and Baltimore, Maryland.
Total Surgeries: 37
Tyler Updates, pictures, and chatting at TYLERTUCKER.COM

Tyler's Story:
The beginning: When the family found out the horrible news…

At Christmas, just after Tyler turned two, he fell on a small toy car and scratched his jaw. The jaw swelled and by New Years Day we had to take him to the hospital. The hospital staff said that Tyler needed surgery to remove a cyst. Dr. Wilson did the surgery and came out with tears in his eyes. He said that the problem was not a cyst, but cancer and that he sent a portion of the extracted material to the lab to have it analyzed. The results came back as Rhabdomyosarcoma of the Mandible. When the results arrived, January 30, we were called to his office and he cried with us. Tyler was admitted to MUSC Hospital in Charleston, SC immediately. We felt this couldn’t be happening to our baby; not Tyler. The staff at MUSC has been wonderful and have become like family. We learned to love everyone there. Tyler has stolen the heart of everyone on Floor 7b.

Tyler was having trouble breathing because of his jaw, so the Doctor’s decided a tracheotomy was needed. At the same time, Tyler’s jaw fell so the medical staff had to wire the jaw shut. After that, he couldn’t keep feeding tubes in, forcing them to replace the tube six times.

After radiation and chemo, Tyler underwent surgery again where they took fibia bone from Tyler’s leg and transplanted it into the jaw to replace tissue that had been removed because of the cancer. Shortly thereafter, it was diagnosed that the cancer had moved to both of Tyler’s lungs. Doctors removed the upper portion of Tyler’s right lung and the chemo seemed to clear up the left lung. As a result of this surgery a chest tube was inserted. Tyler was so strong that he went walking down the hall with that chest tube still in! Dr. York said she wants a picture of Tyler to go over her desk. She said that he was the strongest kid that she had ever seen and that he was her miracle baby.

Tyler’s illness has been very hard on our family. Ashley, Tyler’s mom, is only in her twenties and is unable to hold down a job and still care for Tyler. He requires long trips to doctor’s appointments and special care. Tyler also has two young brothers that Ashley must care for. But God has been with our family and we believe he will carry us the rest of the way. Tyler had four staff infections while he was in the hospital, which encompassed most of 2003. We took a camper and stayed in it at Lake Air Campground so we could be near Tyler and Ashley through their ordeal.

Tyler has great difficulty talking because moving his jaw is very painful. He can barely eat and weighs on 57 pounds at eight years old. For a long time, Tyler had a feeding tube because he could not eat. After two unsuccessful jaw reconstruction surgeries, Tyler is now facing a titanium jaw replacement. This will be his 37th surgery over 6 years and there will be more as he grows.

Tyler loves playing with his papa George and he loves holding on to Mama and playing with her hair, but when he wants his way, he runs to Nanny, who cannot help but give him what he wants. Tyler is very close to his Nanny Darlene.

Tyler has been through things that most adults couldn’t survive..


Tyler is now in remission. This doesn’t mean he is cured or better in anyway. How we wish the cancer the end of his ordeal, but there is so much more Tyler has to go through..

Tyler will need to be brought three hours each way to MUSC Hospital for follow up appoints all of his life. According to his doctors, he will never be 100% better. He is missing half of a lung and has had both of his legs broken to get bone for his jaw. It is devastating that he must endure more pain to take the next step and install the titanium jaw.

Tyler tends to get sick often because his body is so weak from the chemotherapy. It breaks our hearts that he cannot do the things that normal kids take for granted. Right now, Tyler is home-bound, so he is not even able to enjoy school. Without many kids in his neighborhood, Tyler gets lonely for other children.

Sadly, Tyler may never be able to eat properly. We pray that the surgery on his jaw will give him some form of normalcy. He will never have the kind of childhood many of us enjoyed and he may never be able to have children of his own some day because of the chemotherapy.

Tyler’s cancer is uncommon. We only came across five or six other children with the same cancer in our web research. Sadly, many of those children did not make it. Others had the cancer return. Tyler has beaten the odds at every turn. The doctors never believed he would make it. We feel so lucky and blessed to have Tyler still with us and we believe he will make it!!!!!!

The chance of Tyler’s cancer coming back is very high, but we believe he will beat it. It is the care and support of people from all over the world that gives us faith. We have hope, and we know Tyler is a warrior!
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[02 Feb 2009|01:42am]


Here's my brief introductory message:

I've been a healer, clairvoyant, and astrologer for over 35 years.

Each month I make available free horoscopes, and as of this year I'm posting them up on my LiveJournal, so friend me, and you can read them on your Friend's page.

From time to time I also speak about something in a little more depth, or perhaps share something interesting and relevant I've found. You can find that sort of thing at my website under Podcasts, or on my Journal when I copy it over. My discussion on the astrology of 2012 was particularly popular for some reason, so I'm drawing special attention to that.

Part of my motivation behind my venturing into LiveJournal is that people might give me some feedback, and suggest popular topics I might analyze, so please leave comments and criticism - I don't know what to talk about unless you tell me.

Good to be here, and please enjoy my Journal!
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Cancer & Scorpio Love Match [04 Nov 2008|10:43am]

[ mood | curious ]

A recent post about Scorpios inspired me to make this entry : )

I recently began dating a Scorpio, so I've been reading up on the Cancer/Scorpio compatability.  I had an idea this was going to happen, and I was able to get some some insight on this ahead of time. So far, everything has been pretty on the mark, and I'm glad to have some understanding into what can happen / what is going on :)  Until now I wasn't aware just how similar and well matched both signs were. I always thought I was destined to be considered crazy / over-emotional the rest of my life!

Anway, I'm curious as to other's experience dating Scorpios, so do tell!

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lost [31 Mar 2008|10:24pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Just curious, how do you guys deal with your "going in your shell" phases... Mine seems to happen a couple times of year and lasts about a week... Spring is killer for me.. I normally need to quit my job or move. This is the first time I haven't quit.. and work is amazing.. yet... its horrible?

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*confused* [19 Jan 2008|03:17pm]

[ mood | angry ]

I am not a Cancer, I actually am a Scorpio but I am dating a Cancer. I was hoping that you guys could help me out, give me some insights, or let me know if you can relate to my situation. I have been dating my boyfriend for 3 years now and this situation happens with him like clockwork. Every 6 months or so he will start getting moody and "depressed" about his life situation, where his life is going, his job and everything. Then he will start treating me differently, less loving, pays less attention to me, and the second I bring up the obvious to him, he cuts me off. By cuts me off, I mean, he stops hanging out with me, he stops saying I love you, and he only calls every so often for like 3 second intervals of conversation. This usually lasts 3-7 days. I don't see him this entire time, and to him, I basically stop existing. He makes me feel like I am disposable and that I do not matter during this time because he completely closes me out. Once this episode is over, he won't talk to me about what happened, he feels bad, but he won't talk to me about it. Nothing ever gets solved, and this just happens again. Before, he used to blame me for it, saying that he just needed his space from me because we spent so much time together, but truly, this is not the case, and I feel like that was his only excuse for what was really going on with him. Which I still don't understand.

Is this common for a Cancer? Or is this just something that is very much a personal, my boyfriend, issue?

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great compatibility site [10 Jan 2008|08:06pm]


scroll down to the bottom to see other links...this is the most dead on site I've found to describe matches and their details. good luck!
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Horoscope [04 Jan 2008|05:42am]

This is a good day to improve your business position. You may get a sense of change everywhere. The tried and true does not seem to be acceptable anymore. The new and unique is what attracts, motivates and is productive. Now is a good time to present your ideas. There are some significant insights to share with your co-worker friends today and you may have to think through what you are going to say during a presentation of sorts for this afternoon. Ask yourself how your ideas might influence or transform others, and what adaptation practices may be needed. Someone that is slightly mentally handicapped may find you lacking in sensitivity if you do not pick up on the situation quickly . . . forewarned is always good.
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[13 Dec 2007|05:17pm]

I've met some cancerian guys that are really nice..-blush-

almost all are sensitive to my feelings, touchy-feely..hmm, depending on their moon signs and the situation I guess.
they can all get rough like 'shit I wouldnt wanna get on the wrong side of him' kinda rough..but I think I can handle it..

-the little gemini sun, pisces moon, sagittarius rising waves shyly from a corner-
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a new cancerean..... [09 Oct 2007|09:31am]

[ mood | curious ]

just stopping in to say hello

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Thank you. [17 Jul 2007|04:41pm]

From the answers you all gave me in my previous post, I have added the results and determined that the more likely to be perfect match for cancer are the signs taurus and scorpio, or both combined. This result confirms what my original motivation for asking the question I did. The person I secretly admire is my perfect match, and I am his, I have just determined with help from another forum. Thank you all very much, and have a terrific day.
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I have a question I think some of you can answer. [16 Jul 2007|10:51pm]

I am going to ask a question without saying why I ask it, because if I reveal information it may alter the answer any of you give me.

What is commonly considered the perfect romantic match (sign) for a cancer?

thank you in advance for answering my question if you do.
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some art... [09 Jul 2007|09:43am]

[ mood | goofy ]

this seems to be what the relationship is like for me and my Taurus boyfriend of 3 months. ha ha, I drew these up last night in an attempt to hopefully reach him on some things he is thinking maybe I'm a bit too emotional about. I find with Taurus, you can't just tell them how you feel, you really have to relate how their feelings would be affected, were the shoe on the other foot. Stubborn, slow, and sometimes non emotional as he can be, I've never met someone so in touch with the really important parts of my soul. ^_^ He may make me all over the place emotionally sometimes, but it's a strange balance that is satisfying though it may be utterly vexing at times.

feel free to use the images, they're just silly sketches.


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