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Washed Up In The Waves

Only to come up alive

Cancer is my zodiac sign
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This is an open community to discuss Cancerness.

*June 21-July 22*

Fourth sign
First water sign
Second cardinal sign, only water cardinal sign===cardinal means "up-front", "leading"
Saying: "I feel"

also see taurus_people

What I noticed: likes to keep spaces neat (so not me), likes to borrow money, always pays money back, is a good friend when needed, wild, unconventional, creative, original, intellectual, overtly aggressive, defying all rules, indepedent, can be intolerant yet giving, very rigid-their way or no way and they are quite unapologetic about it all. May participate in fraud, scams, or stealing to get da loot. Likes many vacations and needs vacation time each year to feel balanced. Well travelled and knows about the world. They are not as family oriented as you think.